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Airline Overview

United Airlines (UA), headquartered in Chicago, is one of the world's oldest airlines. The carrier was founded in 1926. It flies to more than 300 destinations in 60 countries spanning North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. About one-third of its destinations are US domestic. Major hubs in the network include Chicago O'Hare (ORD), Denver International (DEN), Guam (GUM), Houston George Bush Intercontinental (IAH), Los Angeles International (LAX), Newark Liberty International (EWR), San Francisco International (SFO), and Washington Dulles (IAD). United Airlines is a founding member of the Star Alliance. Star Alliance is a collection of more than 25 airlines that provide airline service to more than 190 countries. United also has codeshare agreements with 13 other carriers. United Airlines flies with a fleet of over 700 aircraft including versions from Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier, and Embraer.

Aircraft Summary

KEYWidebody Jets

Boeing 767-300ER (76A) Layout 1
Seats:138 Economy46 Economy Plus30 Polaris
Boeing 767-300ER (76C) Layout 3
Seats:135 Economy49 Economy Plus30 Polaris
Boeing 767-300ER (76L) Layout 2
Seats:99 Economy46 Polaris22 Premium Plus
Boeing 767-400ER (764)
Seats:133 Economy70 Economy Plus39 Polaris
Boeing 777-200 (772) Layout 1
Seats:108 Economy113 Economy Plus40 Polaris (frmly Business)8 Polaris (frmly First)
Boeing 777-200 (772) Layout 2
Seats:145 Economy72 Economy Plus50 Polaris
Boeing 777-200 (772) Layout 3
Seats:234 Economy102 Economy Plus28 Polaris
Boeing 777-200 (772) Layout 4
Seats:258 Economy78 Economy Plus28 First
Boeing 777-200 (772) Layout 5
Seats:156 Economy46 Economy Plus24 Premium Plus50 United Polaris Business
Boeing 777-300ER (77W)
Seats:204 Economy62 Economy Plus60 Polaris24 Premium Plus
Boeing 787-10 (781)
Seats:199 Economy54 Economy Plus44 Polaris21 Premium Plus
Boeing 787-8 (788) Layout 1
Seats:113 Economy70 Economy Plus36 Polaris
Boeing 787-8 (788) Layout 2
Seats:158 Economy36 Economy Plus28 Polaris21 Premium Plus
Boeing 787-9 (789) Layout 1
Seats:116 Economy88 Economy Plus48 Polaris
Boeing 787-9 (789) Layout 2
Seats:149 Economy39 Economy Plus48 Polaris21 Premium Plus

KEYNarrowbody Jets

Airbus A319 (319) Layout 1
Seats:78 Economy42 Economy Plus8 First
Airbus A319 (319) Layout 2
Seats:78 Economy36 Economy Plus12 First
Airbus A320 (320)
Seats:96 Economy42 Economy Plus12 First
Boeing 737 MAX 9 (7M9)
Seats:117 Economy42 Economy Plus20 First
Boeing 737-700 (737) Domestic Layout 1
Seats:66 Economy40 Economy Plus12 First
Boeing 737-700 (737) Domestic Layout 2
Seats:12 Business78 Economy36 Economy Plus
Boeing 737-700 (737) Micronesia
Seats:104 Economy8 Economy Plus12 First
Boeing 737-800 (738) Layout 1
Seats:90 Economy48 Economy Plus16 First
Boeing 737-800 (738) Layout 2
Seats:102 Economy48 Economy Plus16 First
Boeing 737-800 (738) Layout 3
Seats:96 Economy54 Economy Plus16 First
Boeing 737-800 (738) Layout 4
Seats:16 Business108 Economy42 Economy Plus
Boeing 737-900 (739) Layout 1
Seats:96 Economy51 Economy Plus20 First Class
Boeing 737-900 (739) Layout 2
Seats:117 Economy42 Economy Plus20 First
Boeing 737-900 (739) Layout 3
Seats:120 Economy39 Economy Plus20 First
Boeing 757-200 (752) Layout 1
Seats:108 Economy45 Economy Plus16 Polaris
Boeing 757-200 (752) Layout 2
Seats:28 Business72 Economy42 Economy Plus
Boeing 757-200 (752) Layout 3
Seats:118 Economy42 Economy Plus16 Polaris
Boeing 757-300 (753)
Seats:158 Economy50 Economy Plus24 First
Embraer EMB 170 (E70)
Seats:48 Economy16 Economy Plus6 First
Embraer EMB 175 (E75)
Seats:48 Economy16 Economy Plus12 First
Embraer ERJ-175 (E75) [SkyWest]
Seats:52 Economy12 Economy Plus12 First

KEYRegional Jets

Bombardier CRJ-200 (CR2)
Seats:46 Economy4 Economy Plus
Bombardier CRJ-550 (CRJ)
Seats:20 Economy20 Economy Plus10 United First
Bombardier CRJ-700 (CR7)
Seats:48 Economy16 Economy Plus6 First
Embraer ERJ-135 (ER3)
Seats:31 Economy6 Economy Plus
Embraer ERJ-145 (ERJ)
Seats:44 Economy6 Economy Plus


Bombardier Q200 (DH2)
Seats:37 Economy
Bombardier Q300 (DH3)
Seats:50 Economy
Bombardier Q400 (DH4) Layout 1
Seats:54 Economy10 Economy Plus7 First
Bombardier Q400 (DH4) Layout 2
Seats:70 Economy4 Economy Plus
Saab 340B (SF3)
Seats:34 Economy